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Portable Intelligent Tension Test Machine
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Introduction of Portable Intelligent Tension Test Machine

ST1000-2000 Intelligent Tension Test Machine is a new kind of portable tension test machine, fully designed by our own R&D. Our ST1000-2000 Series completely overcome the disadvantages of great volume, immense weight and high consumption of traditional tension test machine. Combined with the advantages of small size, light weight, precise sensing, free electric power, and flexible transferring, ST1000-2000 Series are soon widely used in all kinds of customers, which enable them to test the straps anywhere and anytime.

ST1000-2000 are equipped with heavy duty hydraulic pressure lifting jack, which requires you only to swing the handle gently so that you can enable the hydraulic pressure jack to pull the straps at the maximum tension of 2 tons. The instantaneous tension of the straps is precisely calculated by the transducer, which is connected with the hydraulic pressure lifting jack, and finally shown on the indicator.


For testing tensile of different straps, like PET strap, PP strap and steel strap.

Advantage of Intelligent Tension Test Machine

1)Man Power Driven And No Need Electric Power

2)Precise Sensing And Intelligent Indication

3)Small Size And Flexible Portability

4)Easy Operation And No Maintenance

Main Parameters
picture Model Net Weight

Overall Size

Max Tensile Force Unit Error Range Power Supply


Portable Intelligent Tension Test Machine ST1000 35KG 30CM*30CM*100CM 0-1000KG KG ±20KG No Yes
Portable Intelligent Tension Test Machine ST2000 38KG 30CM*30CM*100CM 0-2000KG KG ±20KG No Yes


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