STEK has 4 full automatic production lines, Biggest PET strap extruder in Asia, daily output 60 tons. Largest PET strap exporter in China
Manual Strapping Machine

Polyester strap (PET strap) is recognized as a new environmental-protection packing material to substitute steel strap. It can save about 50% cost comparing steel strap. PET straps have been used in various industries like Aluminum ingot, Glass, Ceramic, Ply wood, Construction material like stone, marble and brick, Paper, Cotton baling, Fiber baling, Clothes bailing, Steel plate, Steel pipe etc.

Product Strengths

1.Steel alloy with advanced production technology

2.Including tensioner and sealer

3.Good working performance, working with metal seals

4.Easy and safe to use

5.Suitable for areas where a power source is unavailable or for mobile applications

6.Application: used in light and heavy duty flat packaging with polyester and polypropylene strap

7.Average sealing strength: approx.200kg (dependent on strap quality)

Manual Strapping Machine

Product Model Manufacturer




Strap Width


Strao Thickness


Sealing Method
Manual Strapping Machine T33 China 1.3 Red 12-22 0.5-1.0 Manual Packing with metal seals
Sealer China 1.5 Black & white 12-12 0.5-1.0 Manual Packing with metal seals


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